Break Up Quotes and Sad Broken Heart Sayings

Tired of trying, sick of crying
Yeah I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying.....
break up quotes

Relationships are like glass.
Sometimes it's better to leave them broken...
than try to hurt yourself putting it back together.

It takes a couple seconds to say Hello,
but forever to say Goodbye.

I don't use excuses, don't ask why..
it's just a breakdown, it happens all the time.
so get out of my face, don't even try
You want to help me? Just let me cry

I didn't want to admit it,
it was easier to lie,
And hide the hurt and emptiness,
to smile instead of cry

Trying to forget
someone you love,
is like trying to remember someone
you never knew..

Love begins with a smile
grows with a kiss,
and ends with a teardrop...

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad,
but its the middle that counts the most.

Nobody really cares if you're miserable,
so you might as well be happy

Everyone's going to hurt you..
sooner or later you just have to decide
who's worth going through the pain

Sometimes when I say "Oh, I'm fine" I want someone
to look me in the eyes and say
"tell the truth"

When someone really loves you.
they will never hurt you.
And if they do,
you can see it in their eyes that it hurts them too...

When she cries the makeup runs from her eyes
And it spills the truth about how she fells inside

It's not how
bad the problem is,
but how
badly it's hurting
the person who
has it

It's hard to answer the question
"what's wrong?" when nothings right...

My eyes burn from these tears
you think you'd learn over theses years
Good things won't last forever.

Look behind the mascara
and the shinny lipstick
look a little deeper
and maybe you will see
that this girl you are looking
at really isn't me

I'm mad at myself, not at you.
I'm mad for always being nice,
always apologizing for things I didn't do..

So sorry for the person I became.
So sorry that it took so long for me to change.
I'm ready to try and never become that way again
cause who I am hates who I've been..

There's a smile on my face
but I don't know why its there
I put it on to satisfy
all the people that don't even care


Meow Opre said...

Nice collection of break up quotes. I also have my own list of favorites, and I got some from your collection. Thanks for sharing =)

yourcyberhelper said...

These are powerful break up quotes. Please allow me to put them on my Pinterest boards and I know this are just the
best break up quotes any person needs to move on. Thank you!

Chan PK said...

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feeling broken inside

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